Selected Projects

Named Entity Recognition On English Spanish Code Switched Data (Paper | Results)

Best System Award from Amazon

  • Usage of SVD based alignment of word embedding from two different languages (English and Spanish) for the task.
  • A novel method of ensemble of activations from different activation functions.
  • Final system achieved State Of Art results with an F1 of 63.76%.

Irony Detection Project (Paper | Results)

  • Combined linguistic features with activations from a neural network DeepMoji.
  • Proposed and implemeted usage of SMOTE for handling the problem of imbalance in dataset.
  • System was ranked 4th among 38 participating teams in the shared task.

Tourism Domain QA System (Poster)

Best Poster Runner-up on Institute Day 2018

  • Designed the tourism based QA system by dependency tree matching of the query and answer sentences.
  • Implemented a dynamic programming algorithm for matching the query with the answer sentences.

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